artsycrafterHi all! This blog is way for me to express personal thoughts and ideas about the world and the things that have the most impact on me – chiefly the arts (and crafts). The primary areas of the arts that I am interested in or participate in to a degree include music (piano, guitar, banjo and singing) and fine art drawing and painting (watercolors, oils, pastels). The crafts that I find fascinating include all papercrafts, scrapbooking, jewelry making, woodworking and so many others. I don’t actually have the skills to do all of those crafts, but that won’t stop me from discussing them or displaying what I consider good examples of craftsmanship for many of them.

If you decide to follow me on this cyber journey as I build a blog with resources and commentaries, I hope you will find some of it of helpful and interesting.

Your blogster,



P.S. About my picture – or graphic of a picture – I only look like that in my dreams (or in days gone by).

P.S. I promise to try not to be boring.

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