After Stripping Wallpaper, Patching the Plaster Walls – part 3

November 18, 2010

The Renovation Continues…

I wanted to continue my saga about renovating my 80+ year old home. I started removing wallpaper from one wall. I thought that would not be too difficult. I was partly wrong about that. The thing is, when you have an old house, you never know what will be under the wallpaper! I found out that part of the wall had a nice, smooth painted surface. But, another section had bits and pieces of older wallpaper that had never been completely removed.

Maybe it would have been easier to just sheetrock (or drywall) the room. I just was avoiding that due to the heavy lifting and the fact that I would need a second person to help me. The good part about using the drywall mud to smooth out the rough parts of the wall is that I can do that on my own. So for the section of the wall where I removed wallpaper, this  is what it is looking like:

Partly Stripped Wallpaper



stripped wallpaper closeup

Close-up of partially stripped wallpaper.

So, the plaster on the wall is rough and my scraping caused even more imperfections in the plaster. My solution is to spackle with drywall mud.


spackling with drywall mud

Spackling over the plaster with drywall mud.


I got frustrated with removing the wallpaper (after realizing how bad the walls were underneath it). So, I changed my plans and am kind of cheating – well, it isn’t really cheating, but I am not removing all of the wallpaper. I am just peeling the remaining edges and then I am using drywall mud to smooth out the edge between the old wallpaper and the old plaster wall.


drywall mud over edges of wallpaper

Patching the edge of the wallpaper.


This process looks like a mess, but a smooth surface can be achieved by careful spackling – keeping the edges as smooth as possible. I’ll be sanding the areas to feather the edges of the spackle so that it will be as smooth as possible in order to do what comes next – painting!

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