Arts and Crafts on Hold for Renovation – part 1

November 3, 2010

I haven’t been on my blog much lately – but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been really busy. First of all, I had a break in my routine when I went to Florida to help my mom recover from an illness. She’s doing much better but I am hoping to see her get even stronger.

My other distraction from any artistic endeavors is the work I am doing to get rid of unnecessary “stuff” in my house. I’ve lived in the same house for a long time and things have accumulated. OK, so I am not the most organized person!  I am totally trying to clear out old stuff – things I thought would become projects and the clothes that I don’t wear or don’t fit me anymore (sigh) are being sorted out and many bags and boxes have already been given to various places that accept donations.

“Why now?” you might ask (since I’ve let things go for so long).  Well, I want to make my place more conducive to doing creative things, make a better area to do watercolors and a better home office space – and I want to start renovating and decorating the old home place. When I get the clutter out of my way, it will be far easier to fix this house up!

When I say the “old home place”, I do mean old! My house is an almost-100 year old Craftsman bungalow. It’s not the larger, fancier kind that you might be familiar with – but I love the large wood trim around the doors and windows, the higher than normal ceilings and the old wood floors.

What I am  preparing to do (after much  cleaning out and organizing) is to do drywall or sheetrock to several rooms. The old plaster walls have a texture I don’t care for, so putting up drywall will smooth it out and then I can have fun painting (and caulking – I love caulking). I am not going to be doing all of the renovations myself, but there are some parts of it that I look forward to doing on my own.

It pains me to be sorting out and organizing my many art supplies (paints, pastels, brushes, colored pencils, paper, etc.) and not have time to use them. But getting things sorted out will make it all that much better when I can finish the project of fixing up the house and start the next art project. And when I finish the part of this that is a chore, I can get to the creative part with the renovating and decorating (a different kind of painting, but painting nonetheless).

If you’ve read this post up to here, you must not be totally bored with the concept of fixing up an old house – so I’ll try to post some photos of the “before” and “after” of the rooms I am working on.  Until then, don’t let the colder weather get you down, go find some sunny, colorful paints or scrapbook papers to cheer you up! Read Part 2…

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