Replacing Window Sash Cords – Part 6

February 23, 2011

I am finally getting back to post the results of my sash cord repair project. I actually finished this before Christmas, but the holidays and the fact that I had some traveling to do interrupted my being able to finish writing this.  If you are interested in reading them in order, here are some links:  Part 1 – Craftsman Bungalow Renovation, Part 2 – Stripping Wallpaper, Part 3 – Patching Plaster Walls, Part 4 – More Plaster Repairing , Part 5 – Replacing Window Sash Cords,  and now for part 6 – a continuation about fixing the window sash cords..

I left off  in the last post with taking the frame apart and opening the “secret” compartment to remove the weights. In this post I will show you how I tied new sash cords (which are actually the same type of rope as a clothesline) onto the weights and then attached the other end of the cords to the double hung windows.

Be aware that these photos were taken by me while I was holding camera in one hand and with the other hand and some balancing and propping I steadied the window (which was removed from the frame – so the photos are slightly out of focus and sort of cock-eyed).

Needless to say, after straining my back while doing this by myself, it’s advisable to get someone to help you hold things while you replace your window sash cords. Hopefully you can make sense of the process that I’ve outlined below.

Cut new lengths of cord. I was able to figure out the length of the new cords by measuring the remains of the old ones.


1. sash cord length

Two: Tie a knot in one end of the cord.


sash cord knots

2. knotted cord ends


Three: Tape a nail or metal screw onto the other end of the cord. This nail will help the cord drop into the window frame and fall where you can grab it.


3. cord with nail taped on

Four: Slide the end of the cord with the nail taped to it into the slot at the top of the window frame. You’ll see there is a metal roller that the cord slides around.


sash cord in window frame

4. putting one end of the sash cord into the window frame

Five: Reach back into the open part of the window frame to grab the end of the cord that has a nail taped to it. Remove the nail and tape and tie the cord onto the weight that was removed from the side of the window panel. Then slide the weight back into the window frame.


double hung window weight

5. place weight into window frame

Six: Go ahead and replace the cover to the panel where the weight was put. Then grab that end of the cord that has a knot in it and slide that knot into the side of the window. At this point, the knotted end of the cord should be hanging out of the top of the window frame. Then push the knotted cord into the slot on the side of the window that you had removed from the frame. I had to prop the window onto the window sill as I did this.


sash cord on side of window

6. slide knot into side of window

Now that you have one of the window sash cords replaced, you repeat the entire process for the other side.

Want to see what my window renovation looks like? On an earlier post I was complaining about the terrible pink color of these windows (the photo below shows lots of patching that had to be done as painting prep). From left to right you can see the progress made with the window.


unpainted window




painted window

Finally - it's painted!

After all my hard work, the room looks great – here are before and after photos!

painting in progess



Finished room


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