Stripping – Wallpaper, that is! – part 2

November 8, 2010

Today I am working on the house some more. I have a bedroom that was filled with stuff. I hear that lots of people have a room such as this. A place to put all the things you are not sure where else they go, or things you haven’t had time to sort through and decide what to keep and what to give away or throw away.

This particular room has never been updated since I bought the house – which was a long time ago (over 20 years). The wood floors need to be refinished and the walls are the most awful color – pink. The trim is an even worse shade of pink – I call it the pepto-bismal room. Perhaps it could better be described as the pepto-dismal room. And to add to the bad color scheme, the doors are a light yellow! Plus, the room was really full of boxes and stuff:



Before Cleaning Up


So I spent part of last week clearing things out (with the clutter-removing three- part process: throw away some, give away some, and keep as little as possible). Here is that same corner of the room now (under all the junk there was a nice desk).



room renovation - after-photo

After Clearing Out Stuff


Three of the walls have the lovely (ugh) pink and one wall has wallpaper on it. Today I am stripping that – it’s gnarly!



Stripping Wallpaper


So, you see that the wall color under the wallpaper is ugly too. These are old plaster walls with several layers of paint (some of the paint could be over older wallpaper). What I previously planned to do was to cover the walls with a thin sheet-rock (or drywall). But three of the walls are not that bad – I am going to fix the surface using drywall mud – I’ll make it nice and smooth before I paint it.

I am posting the drywall smoothing in Part 3.


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